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    If your car is not yet due its Interim Service or Full Service, our Essential Car Care package combines an oil change with a number of important vehicle safety checks at an affordable price.

    As well as a full oil change and oil filter replacement, we’ll check some of the most important parts of your car which can often result in an MoT failure.

    This includes
    • Full oil change including oil drained, replacement sump plug washer and oil refill based on manufacturer’s recommendation.
    • Replacement oil filter
    • Instruments, gauges and warning lights all checked
    • Vehicle lights including headlights, sidelights indicators, braking and reversing lights, fog lights and number plate lights
    • Tyres checked to ensure correct tyre pressure and sufficient tyre tread depth.
    • Coolant checked for strength and condition
    • Electrics test including battery, alternator and starter motor
    • Windscreen wipers inspected and windscreen washer bottle refilled
    • Car horn tested.
    How much does Essential Car Care cost?

    Our Essential Car Care pricing is based on the size of your engine and the recommended oil for your vehicle.

    The price will be higher for vehicles requiring synthetic or specialist oils.

  • MoT


    The Ministry of Transport regulations state that any vehicle over 3 years old must have an MOT certificate from an approved MOT testing centre. An MOT certification is carried out to ensure that your vehicle is safe and roadworthy. Once your vehicle has reached 3 years, you must always hold a valid MOT certificate, which expires annually.

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